Blood Magazine was created by horror fans for horror fans. Packed with creepy photos, short stories, beautiful models, movie reviews, and more, we keep our readers flipping though the pages and suspensefully waiting for the next issue.

Our readers love the dark side of things. If you’re looking to sell dark art, horror movies, any horror or Halloween event, costumes and accessories, special effects makeup, goth or punk clothing, chains, whips, masks, horror figurines, comics, s&m gear, zombie merchandise, vampire or werewolf merchandise, or novels of a dark and twisted nature, then you’re in the right place. 

Back Cover $300                  2 Page Spread $125           
Inside Back Cover $125        Full Page $80           
Inside Front Cover $125                   1/2 Page $45           
1st Page $125                   1/3 Page $35

Ad design service (optional) is available for your ad in Blood Magazine for a flat-rate of $75

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