Welcome to our home!

We at Blood are excitedly working on our premier issue.  It already feels like we are a family as we work together gathering up surprises, old and new, to share with our guests.  We are making contacts, building up our repertoire, creating magic, and photographing delightful treats to share when you come to visit! 

Blood will most certainly satiate all of your senses.

What can you look forward to in the coming months?  As you enter our foyer, you will find thoughtful and thought provoking movie reviews!  Our staff will review up-coming, and newly released, horror flicks, B movies, and of course the classics!

Entering the main living space, you will be surrounded by photographs of a featured model every month.  We hope you enjoy getting acquainted with all the talented artists who pose for horror photography, and with their photographers. 

In the background you will hear music - we will be sharing featured independent, or un-signed, rock, metal, and industrial bands in each issue.  As you wander our hallways, and of course the dungeon below, you will find a home full of diversity. 

After dark, our old house creaks and groans with the usual amount of paranormal activity going on.  Over the coming months you will find fun facts, amazing articles and real-life accounts discussing the paranormal.  There will plenty of material to keep you wide awake at night!

Still feeling a little skittish?  Please rest easy as we tackle the ‘phobia of the month’.  You will find yours there along with some interesting facts and fiction.  Select your favorite doll from the toy chest in our playroom (or don’t, as the case may be) when we discuss ‘pediophobia’ in our first issue.

On your way out, be sure to visit our Ink gallery where featured tattoos will be on display. We hope you find many that you like! While you are there, please take time to relax by the fire and listen to a short horror story based upon the dark art creations hanging amongst the bookshelves.  Our family is large and our talents abound. 

In the spirit of hosts and hostesses from every realm, I would like to welcome you to our home and invite you to join the Blood Family.  

~ Louise Alberti
Executive Editor